The Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

Click on any of the six Clusters below. This portal starts with a reflection about your teaching practice, in relation to the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and recommends vetted learning resources personalized to individual strengths and areas of need.

Clarity & Accuracy
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Learning Environment
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Classroom Management
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Intellectual Engagement
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Successful Learning
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All answers and results are confidential.

The development of these Clusters and the vetting of supporting learning resources is led by The Danielson Group and its national contributors.

Click here to learn how this portal can be customized for your district or state to:

  1. Clarify which teacher needs what kind of professional learning
  2. Take advantage of existing resoures and material
  3. Add your own resources, coaching, PLCs and mentors
  4. Focus professional learning on every teacher's priorities
  5. Recognize learning with CEUs  
  6. Measure the quality and impact of professional learning.

For more information, visit The Danielson Framework Clusters website here.