The Danielson Framework Clusters
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This professional learning portal can be customized for your district or state to:

  1. Clarify who needs what kind of professional learning
  2. Add custom resources, coaching, PLCs and mentors
  3. Focus professional learning on your teachers' priorities
  4. Recognize and reward learning and Continuing Education Units
  5. Inform the quality of your PD initiatives.

The Framework for Teaching Clusters (FFT Clusters) describe skills demonstrated by teachers promoting high levels of student performance and are grounded in an understanding of the nature of human learning. The FFT Clusters are an outgrowth of the Framework for Teaching, which has been validated through empirical studies as predictive of student learning as measured by state assessments. The FFT Clusters can serve many purposes, most importantly professional growth by teachers, through their own reflection on practice as well as conversations with colleagues, mentors and coaches, and supervisors. For more information visit The Framework Clusters website here.

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